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Some Interesting Facts about Lanyards

You may not notice it but the lanyard is part of daily life. It is used for different purposes. It is also very useful and indispensable in some fields of work. It is not only used as a clasp or holder for identification cards. It is also used as a safety harness, serving as support for high-risk jobs and outdoor activities.

The following are some interesting uses of lanyards:

Lanyards are useful in maintaining access control inside a company’s premises. These let the security staff easily identify the employees even before inspecting their identification cards. These also give the employees a more professional look. Wearing a lanyard is also crucial in corporations where employees have a strong sense of hierarchy. It is easier to identify the position and the department in which an employee belongs just by seeing the color of his lanyard.

The lanyard is also useful in field trips and other school events. It can help in identifying and organizing the students according to grade level and group affiliation. It is also useful in youth camps wherein young people join outdoor activities. It can be used to carry whistles, compasses, water bottles, maps or IDs. Moreover, it is also used in gyms to identify coaches and trainers. It is useful especially when everyone is wearing almost the same outfit.

An identification badge attached to a lanyard is also very crucial in concerts and events, especially when it comes to providing and verifying backstage passes. In large concerts and events, there are many people that are involved. It is difficult to identify each person if there’s no easy means of identification. A lanyard that is attached to a large access pass is very useful in this kind of setting.

In department stores and retail shops, the ID lanyard is also a common thing. It is used to give clients a sense of guarantee that the clerks and cashiers are reliable and are officially part of the store.

lanyardNeck lanyards are also useful in law enforcement. Though having a less authoritative look, these can help in situations wherein law enforcers do not have enough time to show the badge inside their wallets.

What You Need to Know About Tubular Lanyards

A tubular lanyard is made from polyester that is tube-stitched to resemble a shoe lace. The logo and name is printed onto the tubular lanyard through silkscreen printing. It is also easier to carry than other types of lanyard. It also does not get creased or deformed because of its tough structure. Most importantly, it is cheaper than other types of lanyard.

A customized tubular lanyard can be purchased online for as little as a dollar, given that the order reaches the minimum of 100 pieces. Of course, your order can be shipped right to your doorstep.

What You Need to Know About Cord Lanyards

Cord-woven lanyard is a new type of lanyard. It has a round shape and is very comfortable to wear. It is made from woven polyester material. It has a classic look and the print can be seen very clearly. Texts and logos (even those with intricate designs) can be embroidered into the lanyard because of the maximum printing space available. It is more cost-effective compared to other lanyard types. It can be further customized according to your preferences.

A customized cord lanyard can be purchased online at roughly 2 dollars each for a minimum of 100 pieces. As mentioned, your order can be shipped right to your home. Availing of upgrades and attachments should also be easy, although these extras add to the cost you’ll have to pay.