Why Portable Storage Containers Are Better Compared to the Traditional Method

Portable-Storage-containersIn the past decade, the self-storage industry has been rapidly growing. There are already thousands of self-storage individual facilities all over the country. Through the years, people have been accustomed to the traditional storage method which is using large storage units that are often station in a static location. Today, this method is being widely challenge by a new storage concept. Nowadays, people are gradually shifting to portable storage containers to keep their important belongings.

Portable storage containers are storage units that are delivered to a person’s home, loaded by the homeowners, and are then stored in a different location. The portable storage company will be the one to move the container from one location to the other as needed. This has been incredibly helpful to homeowners as they can easily remove all clutter and out of season items from their garage or any part of their home. Making use of portable containers also comes with numerous benefits over traditional self-storage units.

Minimal Effort

Compared to traditional storage units that most people are used to, portable storage containers are a lot easier to load and unload. The containers are placed at ground level, making the use of lifts, ramps and other moving equipment unnecessary. Additionally, the portable containers can be delivered right to your doorstep. This will help you save some time driving to a distant storage unit just to keep your valuables. Since the portable containers are located just a few steps from your front door, there’s no need for you to move large and heavy things down the twisting hallway that you commonly see in most traditional storage units.


Portable storage containers are also a lot more flexible compared to traditional storage units. Portable containers come in different sizes. You can acquire small storage cubes or you can also settle for the larger cargo containers. Most portable storage units come with loops or hooks on the wall that can help you secure your important items using a belts or a cord so that they remain stationary while the container is moving. The containers can be placed in front of your home as long as needed. This will then make it possible for you to load the container for several days to more than a week. Having more time to move your items will reduce the risk of being damaged.


Most portable containers in the market come with a locking mechanism on the outside of the door that will not accept any kind of lock aside from the homeowner’s. This means that if you lease a portable container, nobody will have any form of access to your belonging aside from you. Also, these portable containers are kept in a secure location along with hundreds of other units. This is not the case with most traditional storage units as the staff have access to the areas where the lockers are stationed.


Portable storage containers provide you fat and easy access to your valuable belongings. There’s no need for you to drive long distance just to retrieve your items. The storage company will deliver the portable container back to your place when needed. This can be very convenient to people who are unable to drive long distances and to those who are busy enough to travel. Another amazing benefit of portable containers is that you can easily maintain a single portable container for several years even after moving to a new home.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of using portable containers. If you are still using the traditional storage method, then you might as well consider making some few changes. Going portable is always a good thing and the same can also be said when it comes to self-storage.

Portable storage containers are designed specifically to achieve space optimization.

How to Find the Best Pair of Callaway Golf Shoes

Hybrid clubsDifferent pieces of equipment are needed in a game like golf. Unbeknownst to most people, the apparel used also serves a specific purpose. Most players are seen as goofy-clothed but these clothes actually help with their overall performance. The golf shoes one wears are very important. Callaway golf shoes are known to be some of the best footwear that a player can opt to buy. When it comes to the shoes, there are more considerations, other than the fitting, that have to be considered by the golfer. A more expensive shoe does not really guarantee a better game. A more expensive shoe does not also guarantee the comfort and functionality that a golfer needs during gameplay.

The most important feature of golf shoes is the traction. Players need to have ample footing and balance when engaged in an active round of golf. The game can be played under varying weather conditions. There are times when the green can be slippery. The thing with golf is that even accidental shots cannot be written off. This is why stability is very important.

There are different styles of Callaway golf shoes but this is the primary element that players have to take into account before buying a pair of their own. The higher the degree of stability that they can offer the better they can serve a player during a tournament.

Typically, shoes are bought in standard sizes. This is not the case when it comes to Callaway golf shoes. One should not refer to the usual sizing. It is very important for a golfer to undergo the necessary fitting before buying a pair. The shoe size will generally depend on the manufacturer. The design is the next thing to think about.

There are different styles that can be chosen from. Dress-style shoes are the most popular but there is a more athletic option. For some players, what they opt for are the golfing sandals which are extremely comfortable. A player can get stylish and stable shoes at an affordable price. The shoes may or may not come with spikes. The spikes offer added traction. Some are made from soft rubber while others are fabricated from harder metal. These days, there are a number of courses that have placed a ban on the metal spikes as they tend to damage the green.

It is always advisable for players to choose several pairs and fit them. Even in the correct size, a pair of golf shoes may not be as comfortable. This is why as many as four to seven options are necessary. Since the shoes will be used for a very long time, it is important for the player to find the right pair.

When choosing Callaway golf shoes, they should be laced. Buyers should walk around to get a feel for them. This is the best way to determine if they are comfortable not to mention stable on the feet. The heel of the foot should fit around the shoe’s rear. There should be a bit of space in the front end. When laced, there should be no pressing force from the top of the shoe.

The great thing about retailers that offer golf shoes for sale is that they are located within close proximity to indoor driving ranges. The player is allowed to give the shoes a go. A couple of swings are enough for the person to get a feel for the shoes. During this process, trying on different offerings will help narrow down the available shoe options.

Do not make the mistake of wearing different socks when trying on golf shoes. As much as possible, the socks worn on the shopping trip should be the ones the player intends to use during the game.

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Printed Circuit Board: The Best Hobby for Tech Geeks

printedcircuitboardThroughout the years, there has been a marked increase in the number of people who have turned PCB mounting into a hobby. This hobby is made easier by the fact that the components and the base board itself can easily be purchased from any electronics store.

Numerous online stores also offer these things, so people can easily access them. Hobbyists can make use of either of the two common methods for mounting components onto a printed circuit board. These methods are:

1.Through-hole technology

Also often referred to as THT, this method has been used for mounting components from the earliest years of the printed circuit board. Hobbyists can benefit a lot from this method because it allows them to make the necessary adjustments by un-mounting the components without damaging them.

2.Surface mount technology

Also referred to as the SMT method, this was introduced in the early 1980s. It was initially thought that the SMT method would eventually wipe the THT method completely from the PCB manufacturing process. This is because with this method, manufacturers can easily mount the components onto the printed circuit board in less time.

Hobbyists can take advantage of this method because it will not take up too much of their time. Beginners on PCB mounting can also start off with this method before they decide to move on to the more complex process of the THT method.

In most cases, hobbyists often purchase base boards that already have a design printed on them. This speeds up the process since they would simply have to follow the patterns on the circuit design for mounting each component.

However, some hobbyists enjoy the challenge of creating and etching their own designs. There are several ways in which customized circuit designs can be etched onto the copper base of the printed circuit board, and these include the following:

1) Acid etching – This method requires the use of muriatic acid in order to make the design stick permanently onto the copper plate’s surface. This is ideal for etching simple designs that do not require a lot of wiring intersections.

2) UV etching – This method involves a lot of preparation and requires more materials than acid etching. A UV-LED light box is the primary material used for etching the design onto the copper plate. Afterwards, muriatic acid and other chemical compounds would still have to be used in order to make the design stick. This method is perfect for etching complex designs.

It has to be noted that before the etching process can begin, hobbyists need to draw the design that they want to etch into the copper base. Some hobbyists prefer to draw their own design for a printed circuit board on graphing papers using permanent markers. The paper would then be placed on top of the copper sheet.

The next step is to run a hot flat iron on top of the paper so that the ink will transfer from the paper onto the copper’s surface; thereby, transferring the design as well. An alternative to this manual process is the use of computer programs for drawing the design. Though the computer program can be an expensive investment, some hobbyists are ready to shoulder the cost especially if they will be selling their finished products later on.

The computer-drawn design will then be printed on a high-resolution laser jet printer. The next steps are almost the same as the steps after manually drawing the design on graphic paper. If hobbyists would be using the THT method for mounting the components, then hobbyists can pre-drill the holes on the copper sheet before soaking it in the acid concoction or exposing it to UV light.

8 Tips Every Novice Motivational Speaker Needs to Know

A novice motivational speaker has to be prepared for the big day. These eight tips will help you with your preparation.

1. Choose the speaking engagement to nod to.

Don’t grab every opportunity to give a speech because some events, together with their target audiences, are probably not meant for the type of motivational speech you have. It will be like dancing the cha-cha at an underground hip-hop battle event.

Assess if the goal of the event is the same as yours. Also, determine if the event will help you grow or will just be another gig with no substance.

2. Practice a lot in front of the mirror.

Being a motivational speaker requires mastering both verbal and non-verbal communication. Having great things to say is just one of the ingredients. You also have to deliver the speech in the most appealing and understandable way. That is through gestures, blocking, facial expressions, and whole lot of eye contact.

By practicing in front of a mirror, you will be able to see if your movements have synchronicity with your spoken words and tone. You’ll determine what looks awkward and what looks forced, and you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin.

3. Record your practice sessions for assessment.

Keynote SpeakerSome nuisances are hard to detect while you are focusing on your speech and movement. You might be too mentally busy to even see the difference between an awkward facial expression and a deadpan face. The solution is to record everything and watch with full attention afterwards. You can also ask a friend or family member to assess it.

Recording and playing back your speech is also a great way to measure the liveliness and integrity in your voice.

4. Ask a friend to give his honest opinion about your speech.

All published writers get a bit of help from editors. The same is true for a motivational speaker. There is a possibility that you’d fail to see some errors and questionable statements in your speech because you are too happy or satisfied with your own work.

Have a friend validate your statements and if there are some questions, debate whether to improve it, cut it, or stick with your principles.

5. Ask the organizer to give you background information about the event, its theme, and the expected attendees.

A great motivational speaker always looks at a picture from afar to see all the elements around it. When you focus on the theme given to you, it’s possible that you’d forget important elements that make your speech useful. These elements include the audience, the prevailing culture and norms in the place, the type of venue (some presentations and blocking might not be possible on some venues), the tools for presentations (the organizer might not have projectors available), and the length of time given to you (some speeches cannot be completed because speakers run out of time).

6. Include a lot of visual presentations.

Audiences nowadays are very particular when it comes to presentations. They are now used to seeing more appealing and entertaining presentations, so they may be disappointed if you fail to deliver the way they expect you to. A lot of solutions can be found, especially online, making it easier for you to come up with great visual presentations.

7. Don’t forget about the anecdotes.

Lessons are best told through stories that the audience can relate to. For your speech to become memorable, you have to tap their emotions—make them smile, laugh, cry, and angry—by telling stories that are easy to understand.

8. Offer an extra to the organizer.

If you really want to make a good impression, you will have to offer something extra. This can be a hard and digital copy of your speech, a free consultation after the event, or a meet-and-greet session.

All in all, following these tips isn’t difficult and so, you don’t have any excuse not to take advantage of them.

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Digging Lanyards’ Pros and Cons

Customized lanyards have many uses, making them the most in-demand items for various occasions in almost all industries. Whether used for company identification, as promotional items, or as tokens of appreciation, these personalized straps offer various advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at the different angles before you invest in such cords. Start by focusing on the bright side of things first:

lanyardsThey are present in offices, parties, churches, and even in homes. Whatever the occasion is, lanyard designs are highly customizable to fit one’s preference. Putting in the company name, logo, tagline or whatever message can be done without any hassle. Added with colors and desired symbols, these straps will definitely fit any event. Creating a more personal and more meaningful approach in every occasion has never been so easy.

Because of their affordability, customizable lanyards can be ideal giveaways or gifts to guests and visitors on any occasion. Regardless of the type of print, quality of material, and the number of orders, a lot of offered packages are available. One could already avail of laces with simple designs at a dollar per piece. Straps made with higher quality materials and more intricate designs usually range from $10 to $15 per piece.

Wherever one may go, he can bring these straps with him. Since the cords are portable and handy, one doesn’t have to worry about bringing a small bag to carry these straps. For companies’ bulk orders, there would be no big and heavy packages delivered right to their doorsteps.

These laces can contribute to company’s marketing strategies. People will remember the products and services of a certain company by just using these straps – talk about free advertising whenever people utilize these straps and mention the company name at the same time.

Creating customized ones is very easy to do. After providing an existing design or logo, it usually takes a day or two for them to be finished depending upon the type of print and the number of placed orders. With the use of silkscreen printing, customizing lanyards can be done in just an hour.

After learning about the perks of getting these laces, it’s time to discover its downsides. To some people, there are acceptable reasons for not wearing these straps:

In formal gatherings, they are less likely to be considered simply because they do not fit such occasions. In corporate offices, straps would not match some colors of the outfits being worn by employees, especially if the company has color coded outfits (with a specific color set for a given day). In the world of sporting events, team uniforms usually change colors from light to dark, depending on game schedules. Therefore, a single strap’s colors would not match every uniform used in some games.

Rather than being a useful item, some people find these straps harmful as they could get caught in certain items. These can cause damages (and even inflict injuries) if they get tangled into bags, necklaces, doorknobs, or even on figurines and other fragile decorations. School kids can also get hurt by these straps if they are pulled by other children during a fight. (Do keep in mind though, that some cords have special attachments that eliminate these risks.)

Straps’ prints easily get erased and become unrecognizable depending upon the type of print and materials used (thus ruining their marketing potential). Some straps can also be easily ripped, torn, and scraped.

Selecting custom lanyards should be done with careful consideration, especially since they come with their own pros and cons. Whatever the occasion is, one should always keep these three things in mind in order to ensure success in using these straps –purpose, recipient, and the manner of the event.