Tips in Finding a Great Hair Salon

shiny-hairIt is very important to have a great hair salon that you can run to and trust with your hair. Your hair is your crowning glory. When people meet you for the first time, the first thing they see is your head or your face and your hair. Having a salon to go to and rely on for proper hair care is necessary. Here, you will read about tips to help you find the best salon for you. These tips will include the red flags and positive indicators to give you an idea of which salons to avoid and which ones to trust. Hopefully, this can help you find the salon that is best suited for your needs.

1.    Ask around

Your friends and family will have their different preference when it comes to their hair salon. This is a great way of having a list of potential salons you can check. You can also ask questions about their services, their personal stylist, pricing and many more. These recommendations will also mean that these places are tried and tested.

2.    Go Local

Home grown businesses are most of the time the best options. A local salon that has been around for years is an indication of how good their services are. The main advantage of this is that it is going to be near you making it easily accessible.

3.    Do a visit

salonsOnce you have narrowed down your options, you can then go and check the place out in person. Check if the time it takes you to get there is reasonable. Compare prices and see if they prices are right for the quality of their service. Take note of how they entertain you as a potential customer. A warm and friendly environment is a great place to kick back and relax while they cut your hair.

4.    Take it slow

Do not rush in and do a full makeover just yet. Try starting with smaller changes first like a trim. Then you can assess if you like how they handled your hair and decide if they are indeed a keeper. Doing something so drastic and regretting it afterwards is never better than not liking a trim and asking someone else to fix it.

Those are just some pointers that can make finding a hair salon for you easier. That is not all though. There are things to avoid when looking for a hair salon too. Here are two common red flags that screams “caution:”

1.    The hair stylist should listen to you

hair-salonAlthough they are professionals, that does not mean that they should be the ones to decide for you. They should not also impose what they want on you. Your hairstyle is an extension of your personality. If you say that you want a trim, then they should only give you a trim. If you want a vibrant hair color just because you want to, then they should do it for you unless potential hair damage can happen.

What they can do is to provide suggestions for you to decide on. They should also be able to present whatever repercussions that can happen as a result of following what you want. This way, you are made fully aware of what the expected results are.

2.    Prices are too good to be true

A hair salon with services that are too cheap is a very suspicious one. Salons are businesses that operate for profit. If a salon is thriving even if they are offering their services at rock bottom prices, you need to be wary. They might be cutting corners on their processes or using products that are of low quality. They might also not be paying their hair dressers enough or are hiring people without the right training and background. This puts your hair on the hands of incompetent staff who could easily bungle up even the simplest hair treatment.