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How to Get the Best Out of a Cheap Custom T Shirt

custom_t shirtsOnly now do we see fantastic deals on shirts that we are no longer forced to buy branded merchandise all the time.

This is the age of custom shirts – of shirts that are bought blank and then given new life with the creative design or design pick of the wearer himself.

And mind you – people have been enjoying this freedom to choose for many years now, so if you haven’t tried buying cheap custom t shirts yet, you are in for a treat.

But first, what kinds of t shirts can be customized?

Types of shirts

  1. Short sleeve shirts – Common but never boring (especially after you’ve printed a snazzy design on it), the short sleeve shirt is the staple of casual wear all over the world. It is literally worn everywhere, and you can’t go wrong with two or more new short sleeve shirts. They’re light, comfortable, and cozy when need be.

Short sleeve shirts are also the most versatile because you can sleep in them, as well as go to class with the same shirt. Kidding aside, short sleeve shirts are the most versatile of all shirts, and for that, these babies earn the title “The King of All Shirts.”

2. Long sleeve shirts – Steadily becoming popular because of changing taste of millennial folks and Gen-Z kids, long sleeve shirts can keep you warm without overdoing it.

Go for long sleeve shirts if you’re not comfortable showing off your forearms, or if you’re simply the kind of person who gets chilly quickly. Versatile and also very cool as casual wear, long sleeve shirts deserve our number two spots in the countdown of “cool customizable shirts for everyone.”

  1. Performance shirts – Performance shirts are built heavier and denser than your regular long-sleeve and short-sleeve casual shirts. These shirts are built for the great outdoors, or for the gym, or the road, where you run to burn calories before 6 AM every morning.

Because they are meant for more rugged use, expect a performance shirt to be warmer, and heavier when wet. Color availability remains high, so we still give performance shirts the number three spot on our list.

  1. Hoodies – Hoodies are shirts, too! Well, they’re like a hybrid of a hood, a sweater, and a t shirt. But don’t let this confuse you: they’re still cool and can be customized just as easy as other kinds of shirts. Hoodies also come in a variety of makes, fabrics, and thicknesses. Some hoodies are just light and meant for regular casual wear.

Others are made with cotton and are meant to be lightweight aids for people who like fitness endeavors. And still some are specifically built for sports, so they’re like performance shirts, too.

Whatever rocks your boat, be sure to still match the color and the custom design that you want printed on your hoodie. And there are hoodies for women, too, and they look way better on the ladies than the bulkier hoodies for men.

  1. Sweatshirts – Best for cities and towns with cold weather, our number five shirt is the humble sweatshirt. While some movies and TV shows associate sweatshirts with aging (a little, maybe), you can make any classic-looking sweatshirt amazing with a little design.

There is literally an entire canvas in front of you, and all you really have to do is select your favorite design from an image database and use it to make your sweatshirt awesome. Sweatshirts are available in a spectrum of colors, so if gray does not cut it, go for maroon or black, or whatever color makes you smile.

  1. Tank tops – Tank tops are awesome for warmer days, for skateboarding, and other leisure activities.

HoodieOff go the sleeves, and you can lay around the beach all day and not worry too much about sunburn. Tank tops are also cost-effective, and you can definitely buy a bunch of new tank tops and have them custom-printed for a nice price.

This is the beauty of buying stuff online – stores save a lot by processing orders directly and just shipping, that the end consumers get all the savings. How neat is that? Tank tops are just as versatile as hoodies, so they get rank number six on our list.

  1. Uniforms – Popular for hospitals and clinics, uniforms are also bestsellers – for years. They’re more rugged than you regular shirt and denser, too. The number of colors available for uniform shirts is staggering, too.
  2. Zip-ups – We love zip-ups because they look like hoodies, provide warmth like sweatshirts, and keep you warm while keeping you looking cool and awesome. Zip-ups are available in different colors and are both for men and women.

You can customize the back of a zip up, or have insignias or logos printed on the sides. You can also pick a large central image to go in the center, but remember that zip-ups can be loosed from the center, so the design won’t be that visible as a whole, but nonetheless, they’re pretty popular with teens and young adults.

  1. Hunting shirts – Hunting shirts usually come in camouflage design, but you can still print dark-colored designs on top if you want to.

Another type of shirt built for the great outdoors, hunting shirts are great for long trips in the bush and you know how important it is to wear the right type of apparel for each activity.

You wouldn’t want to wear a gym shirt to the bush, we promise. So grab hunting shirts if you’re hunting, or if you’re in the forest practicing your survivor skills.

  1. Shirts with pockets – Probably the most genius idea since putting two slices of bread together, shirts with pockets have the added advantage of having an extra space where an emphasized image or logo can be placed.

Popular with businesses who want uniform shirts for their employees, the extra pocket is useful for storing pens, small bits of paper, and what have you.