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Digging Lanyards’ Pros and Cons

Customized lanyards have many uses, making them the most in-demand items for various occasions in almost all industries. Whether used for company identification, as promotional items, or as tokens of appreciation, these personalized straps offer various advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at the different angles before you invest in such cords. Start by focusing on the bright side of things first:

lanyardsThey are present in offices, parties, churches, and even in homes. Whatever the occasion is, lanyard designs are highly customizable to fit one’s preference. Putting in the company name, logo, tagline or whatever message can be done without any hassle. Added with colors and desired symbols, these straps will definitely fit any event. Creating a more personal and more meaningful approach in every occasion has never been so easy.

Because of their affordability, customizable lanyards can be ideal giveaways or gifts to guests and visitors on any occasion. Regardless of the type of print, quality of material, and the number of orders, a lot of offered packages are available. One could already avail of laces with simple designs at a dollar per piece. Straps made with higher quality materials and more intricate designs usually range from $10 to $15 per piece.

Wherever one may go, he can bring these straps with him. Since the cords are portable and handy, one doesn’t have to worry about bringing a small bag to carry these straps. For companies’ bulk orders, there would be no big and heavy packages delivered right to their doorsteps.

These laces can contribute to company’s marketing strategies. People will remember the products and services of a certain company by just using these straps – talk about free advertising whenever people utilize these straps and mention the company name at the same time.

Creating customized ones is very easy to do. After providing an existing design or logo, it usually takes a day or two for them to be finished depending upon the type of print and the number of placed orders. With the use of silkscreen printing, customizing lanyards can be done in just an hour.

After learning about the perks of getting these laces, it’s time to discover its downsides. To some people, there are acceptable reasons for not wearing these straps:

In formal gatherings, they are less likely to be considered simply because they do not fit such occasions. In corporate offices, straps would not match some colors of the outfits being worn by employees, especially if the company has color coded outfits (with a specific color set for a given day). In the world of sporting events, team uniforms usually change colors from light to dark, depending on game schedules. Therefore, a single strap’s colors would not match every uniform used in some games.

Rather than being a useful item, some people find these straps harmful as they could get caught in certain items. These can cause damages (and even inflict injuries) if they get tangled into bags, necklaces, doorknobs, or even on figurines and other fragile decorations. School kids can also get hurt by these straps if they are pulled by other children during a fight. (Do keep in mind though, that some cords have special attachments that eliminate these risks.)

Straps’ prints easily get erased and become unrecognizable depending upon the type of print and materials used (thus ruining their marketing potential). Some straps can also be easily ripped, torn, and scraped.

Selecting custom lanyards should be done with careful consideration, especially since they come with their own pros and cons. Whatever the occasion is, one should always keep these three things in mind in order to ensure success in using these straps –purpose, recipient, and the manner of the event.